Congrats to Monty who managed his third win of the year!! If he would’ve weighed a fish back in March he would have a substantial lead for AOY. Going to Logan Martin in September, and dropping your worst event for best 8, looks like it is going to be one heckuva race for AOY this year!! (especially since Monty and Mike Cronin both love LM).
It was a wet night on Allatoona, I only live 4 miles above the lake and bare got enough rain to leave some drops on the grass! A bunch of us rode out the worst of it in a boat slips at the marinas, only to get caught in the second round of rain (thank goodness there wasn’t any lightening in the second go round!

The Calcutta survived (AGAIN!), it is now at $2230.00! I wouldn’t have ever thought a 5 pound spot or a 7 pound largemouth could be so hard to find!

Here are the top money spots from last night:
5th place went to Danny Cole with 5 fish for 5.70lbs and $42
4th place was Daryl Jones with 5 fish for 5.85lbs and $63
3rd place was Brent Wood with 4 fish for 6.26lbs and $84
2nd place was Robbie Holmes with 5 fish for 7.14lbs, and Big Bass of 3.08lbs for a total of $210
1st place went to Monty Cantrell with 5 fish for 7.71lbs and $126

I want ya’ll to say a little prayer for Jim Barclay. He came to the tournament yesterday evening with a bad knee that was swollen pretty good. I heard that he had a fall in the boat and the knee got worse by the time the event was over. I hope and pray that he didn’t damage it too badly and gets well really quick!

Until next month, I hope you gusy get some on the water time! Be safe and tight lines!

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