Yesterday afternoon I got out with a couple of gentlemen that just wanted to have some "plain ole fun", and if they were able to catch a fish, well that would be considered a bonus. The bonus came in a fantastic way with the gentleman in the pic catching his first Bass of their trip here, and his personal best at that. The other part of the story comes with what happened after he caught his fish. It wasn't long after that before he had another fish on that would've exceeded his personal best again by a substantial margin. "BUT", as fishermens luck would have it the fish decided it had somewhere else better to go than having it's picture taken and came off. That's "fishin", and the main objective was to have a great time and these guys had a fantastic time with their first experience swimming Choo Choo jigs in shallow grass, and in the "pouring rain", and it won't be their last. Get out and have some fun. Mike Carter [Linked Image]