Done, Thank goodness!!! The weather was really nice and the lake conditions should've yielded some heavy sacks! The heavy sacks never materialized. In fact, it was really tough for the club overall. I wish I could offer an explanation, but I just plained and simply baffled! We had 22 anglers out there last night, 20 members and 2 guests. A total of 15 boats attacked the lake from one end to the other.

When the smoke cleared there were only 43 fish brought to the scales, for a total of 63.04lbs. There were 4 folks that did not weigh anything, and a whole lot 1, 2, and 3 fish sacks. Someone has to win so here's the way it went down.

5th place went to Ken Heinrich with 2 fish for 4.36lbs,

4th place was Robbie Holmes with 5 fish for 4.63lbs

3rd place wa Mike Cronin with 3 fish for 4.76lbs

2nd place went to Philip Cole (guest) with 3 fish for 5.46lbs

1st place went to Dean Graham with a respectable 5 fish limit for 7.04lbs.

Goff Mcmahon had Big BAss honors with a 3.76lb Spot

Our next event will be on Lake Allatoona on August 20, 2016. It will be another night tournament out of Gatewood Boat Ramp in Bartow County. I am hoping that the summer doldrums will give us a break and fishing improves. We'll see you guys soon. If you want some practice on Toona, I have two Porko Tournaments between now and the tournament.

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