The Club had 20 members and 1 guest on NH today. We fished an early tournament from 6AM ESDT, till 1PM ESDT, under a comfortable cloudy day with a good breeze for the latter part of the day. Water temps were 81-83 degrees and there was NO current all day long. Normal NH stain to the water was about 1-2' visibility. 19 members weighed 65 fish for a total of 135.6lbs (an average o 2.09lbs per fish).
five places and Big Bass were paid today and here's who got the money:
5th place was Lonnie Tanner with 5 fish for 9.82lbs for $42
4th place was Monty Cantrell with 5 fish for 9.93bs for $63
3rd place went to Wally Lee with 5 fish for 10.82lbs and $84
2nd place went to Mike Cronin with 5 fish for 12.85lbs for $105, and Big Bass with 5.04 for $105!!
1st place went to Stan Knowles with a very nice 5 fish creel for 13.49lbs and $126

Our next event is a night time tournament on Carters Lake in July! Should be fun!!!

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