This report is from my trip on G-ville on June 1st. I had a couple of young gentlemen for an early morning trip that wanted to learn a few areas and patterns to fish during this time of year. We caught fish on Producer Swimbaits, Choo Choo Lures Rocker Jigs, and Bull Shad Swimbaits. The big fish are really relating to the deeper areas now with the hotter weather getting more consistent. I fished Wheeler Lake yesterday and Weiss Lake today, and after fishing these 2 lakes it's easy to understand why everyone loves the "Big-G". The bite on Wheeler was tough, but was able to get a few small fish on jigs and crankbaits around deep ledges. Today I had a gentleman on Weiss Lake that wanted to learn a few summer patterns from shallow to deep areas. We started out with Snag Proof Frogs fished around shallow grass and "DANG" it's just plain fun to watch these fish annihilate our "Frawgs". We spent the rest of the day fishing deeper areas with deep crankbaits and Choo Choo Jigs and was able to get a few quality fish but nothing consistent. A few long days of fishing and now it's time to prepare for our meeting on Sunday. Please try to plan on attending and let's see if we can "ALL" come up with a plan to keep Guntersville Lake at the top of the list as one of the best lakes in the country. We look forward to seeing you there. Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]
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