The fish are making their move to the deeper areas, but they're still not fully on the summer patterns in most areas. I had a client re-schedule his trip to next month so I decided to get out by myself and see what I could come up with since we've had all of these changing weather conditions. I was able to catch fish on river edges with eel grass and new hydrilla present, and also a few around some deeper ledges. Nothing I found was really consistent, but was able to catch a few with each pattern. I caught fish on 6XD's, Choo Choo Jigs, and Producer Swimbaits that "Produced" the one in the pic. It's getting to where it needs to be slowly but surely, it just seems the weather just will not get settled to put the fish on a consistent pattern. We will be having a meeting very soon about the status from last weeks presentation on possibly getting the "Big-G" re-stocked again and discuss some ways of helping this process and helping the lake, so be looking for a post on the time, date, and location. Please try to attend and feel welcome to vioce your opinions and thoughts. This will not be a "bull [censored]" session, but a serious matter to try to help the lake for not only our future but our children and grand childrens future. Everyone is welcome. Get out and have fun. Mike Carter [Linked Image]