I don't have any pics from todays Crappie trip on Weiss Lake because of we were more worried about getting the fish out of the boat and into their cooler before another storm move through. But after the kind of success we had I felt I needed to do a report on this one even without pictures. I had a couple of clients from L.A.(Lower Alabama) wanting to get into a few more "Slabs" on Weiss Lake before it starts getting too hot and they move out to deeper areas. The main pattern was shooting docks with 4-8 ft. of water around them with 1/32 oz. jigs, and in 5 hrs. we caught over 60 fish and had 40 keepers with some good solid ones in the mix. This was just some "DANG FUN" until the storms moved in and cut our day short. I guess the fish were in a hurry to feed also with the storms coming in. Either way it was a blast and a good call of shooting the right docks at the right time. Get out and have fun. Mike Carter