17 of the Cast-A-Way Bass CLub NWGA converged on lake Logan Martin in Pell City/Cropwell, Alabama on April 16 and 17, 2016. It was an interesting weekend with regard to the hotel and parking, and the ramp competition with unplanned clubs and tournaments. We dealt with it and ended up with a really enjoyable weekend. The fishing was pretty darned good too! The lake was in pretty good shape, about 3.3' below summer pool, temps ranging from 61 to 63 and slightly stained with visibility to about 2-3' most places that Goff and I visited. Fishing methods were about as diverse as you can imagine. We had anglers go really far up the river (well above I-20/Riverside), other anglers work all the way to the Dam and just about everywhere in between. Fish were caught from "fin" deep to around 20' deep. Super flukes, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, C-rigs with finesse worms, C-rig with Lizards or Baby Brush Hogs, Shakey head finesse worms, shakey head trick worms, T-rigged trick worms and Lizards, Jigs and twin tail trailers, are you starting to get the idea? LOL! how good was the fishing? On day one, every member fishing weighed a 5 fish limit and reported multiple culls and numerous short fish or not good enough to cull (85 fish on day one), day two brought in another 76 fish for a two total of 161 for a total weight of 270.10lbs! there were only a few largemouth, this event was dominated by spotted bass. The wind blew pretty darned har on Saturday and was starting to pick up again on Sunday as we were finishing up, there was no rain and the temps started out on the cool side but ended up pretty comfortable by day's end

We paid 4 places on this tournament and the top four places were separated by only .42lbs!!

Here are the winners from this weekend:Monty Cantrell with 10 fish for 20.78lbs got 1st place

Daryl Jones had second place with 10 fish for 20.75lbs

Robbie Holmes had 10 fish for 20.53lbs for third and

Danny Cole rounded out the money places with 4th place for his 10 fish weighing 20.36lbs

Daryl also had Big Bass with a 4.15 lb Spotted Bass!

The Calcutta pot survived another month! next month on Lake Weiss the pot will be over the $2000 mark! unbelievable!

Until next month, tight lines and fair weather!

Bob Smith

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