I finally get the opportunity to make a post on some fishing. We had to take our computer to get worked on due to it not performing properly. The Bass fishing has been a little slow, but my clients and I have still been able to put a few in the boat for a good time. We fished shallow and deep on these days, and the better fish seem to come from the shallower areas on Swimjigs and Spinnerbaits. I've done a few Crappie trips the last several days on Weiss and Guntersville and with the exception of Lake Weiss being "wide open" with some great Crappie fishing, it's been a little slow on Guntersville...until today. I had a trip cancel for today and decided to get out and see if I could figure out what was going on with the "Big-G Slabs", and after a slow morning the switch turned on and the "Slabs" started feeding. Get out and have some fun. Mike Carter [img]http://georgiafishingforum.com/uplo...12924423_1051484201564664_62540416824036[/img]