The lake was full pool, 60 degrees and CLEAR! We had 22 members in 15 boats weighing 37 fish for a total of 71.12lbs. 6 of us didn't weigh any fish at all, and only two limits were weighed in. That equals a pretty tough day all in all.
Regardless, there are always winners and the top five money spots today went to these guys:
5th place was Lonnie T. with 4 fish for 5.75lbs and $44
4th place went to Caleb R with 4 fish for 5.97lbs and $66
3rd place was Ken H. with 3 fish for 7.07lbs and $88
2nd place was Barry M. with 5 fish for 7.69lbs and $110
1st place went to Robbie H. with 5 fish for 10.58lbs
Big Bass was ken H. with a 4.09lb Spotted bass for $110

Next month is Logan Martin, a two day event, So if you are interested in fishing with us let us know

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