Hey guys,

My wife and I came across an assortment of Strike King Pro Model Crankbaits and some old Bass Assassin soft plastics.

For the crankbaits we have a bunch of different sizes and colors, everything from a Series 3 up to a Series 6. Right now we have them priced at $3.50 each, but could probably work out a deal if you are interested in 5 or more.

As far as the Bass Assassin worms go, we have some of the 7" Charm worms (think of a taper tail worm) in 6 different colors, and the 6" Twitch (like an old Slug-O) in Pink. We just want to get rid of them, so we are letting them go cheap at $1/bag.

You can check out what we have in stock here: http://homebrewedoutdoors.com/vendor/excessive-outdoors/

If you are local to the Allatoona/Acworth area, we are happy to meet up and drop off any baits you may want, and save on shipping. Just shoot me a message/pm here. Also, if you have any questions, just let me know!

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