I don't have any pics of some "Big-G Big Uns", but today was just a good sign of things to come, and somewhat already here. I got out today with a gentleman that wanted to learn a few places to fish and also how to navigate the lake, so for 4 hrs. we rode around and occasionally stopped to fish a little. When we did fish I tried a couple of areas that at times can hold some good fish on Rat-L-Traps, and in each of these areas there was just some good fun fishing with some quality size fish. The surprising thing was in each these areas when we did get a fish to hit, we seen that there was a few more in that same spot that would just "slam" our traps. I thought it might be a little early for this pattern to turn on, but it seems like it's here and it will only get better from now through the winter. Get out and have some Fall Fishing Fun. Mike Carter [Linked Image]
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