Today I got back out on the water with a couple of clients to see if we could get a few Bass to cooperate with them for their trip to the "Big-G". We started out with Choo Choo Lures spinnerbaits and swimjigs with no success which was surprising since this has been a go-to pattern here lately. But as always when the going gets tough, throw a "Snag Proof Frawg". There is just something about these little creatures that when they crawl or hop across thick surface matted grass the fish just "plain can't stand it"!!! We got sevral good blow-ups on our Frogs, and also was able to land a few good quality fish. BUT, there was a couple of these blow-ups that made these guys hearts skip a few beats, and they got to see just how easy it was to miss, even with the kind of eruptions they got on their "Frawg". The water is still low, but came up a few inches today, and a lot of the grass mats from earlier weeks have now dicipated down to scattered grass due to the strong current and the amount of rain we've had lately. Get out and enjoy it while it's here. Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]