"Let's Talk Froggin". I've had several emails, texts, facebook messages, and phone calls the last couple of weeks and especially the last couple of days requesting information on what to do when the mucked up thick mats that they found were beat down by the rain. Besides the obvious choices of backing out to the edges of these areas and swimming jigs or slow rolling spinnerbaits there is another option to slove these problems. The Guntersville Lake Snag Proof Open is coming up very soon (Oct. 3rd.) and using jigs or spinnerbaits will be out of the picture. The fish that were in these thick mats are normally still in these areas, it's just that with the rain and the water level raising a couple of inches it makes using just a Snag Proof Frog a little tougher. When we encounter these kind of situations Snag Proof has a few more options that can help in these kind of areas where the muck has depleted and theres just scattered or thinner surface grass. Their Poppin Phattie and Buzz Frog are two of the top options for these kind of situations. With these two baits you can create plenty of surface noise that will attract the same fish in these areas that when the muck is present a regular Snag Proof Frog will attract. The Poppin Phattie can be worked like any other surface popping lure without the possibility of hanging up in the grass. The Buzz Frog works like any other buzzbait except it can be fished in a lot thicker grass areas than a normal buzzbait and not hang up in the grass when burned across it. Included are a couple of pics of just a few options that Snag Proof has for mats that have been beat down by rain or rising water to some of the thick mucked up mats that we all like to see when we're "Froggin". Get out and enjoy it while it's here. Have fun, Capt. Mike Carter [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]