2015 ACA BoatUS Collegiate National Championship Day 1 Pickwick Lake May 21st 2015:
I was 1 of 3 boats from the Kennesaw State University Fishing Team that competed in this National Championship.

Hey everyone just a quick reminder that Day 1 of the ACA BoatUS Collegiate National Championship at Pickwick Lake this past May will be aired today on:

NBC Sports Network Channel
12:00pm EST Today

This event consisted with 162 boats of Collegiate Anglers from throughout the United States and Canada.
For a majority of Official practice for this event was blazing hot, sunny, calm, with bluebird Sky's.
Then day 1 of the event ended up being cloudy, rainy, 25+ mph gusts of wind, and areas on the main lake that produced 3-4 foot waves.

This was my first trip ever at Pickwick Lake and the time ACA Holds it is a perfect time to go and catch the bigger females on the ledges, humps, rock piles, and brush piles off shore on the mainlake.

I started to figure out how to get some bigger bites in practice but the change in conditions definitely threw me a curve ball and struck out on day 1.

I knew a small limit of bank running fish would not help me as much as trying to get a couple big bites. It was difficult trying to hold my position off shore day 1 and every couple of waves would come over the bow of the boat.

With my Gill North America KB1 Racer Trousers,
KB1 Racer Jacket,
and Rubber Short Boots

I was able to overcome the obstacles I was facing and focus on fishing. I just did out make the right adjustments to get the fish I found to react and bite.

It is hard to explain the feeling you get while strapping your boat up on the trailer after you just zeroed and hearing left and right big sacks of fish be weighed in.

It takes an extreme amount of mental strength to not get down on myself and keep believing in myself. I zero in tournaments VERY FEW times but when I do it really gets me thinking, "Do I really know how to catch a fish?". But I decided to keep believing in what I figured out in practice and keep fishing my strengths and what I know to do.

Sure thing Day 2 weather conditions ended up being identical to the majority of my time in practice. I put my head down and went to work.

Day 2 report to come next Monday..
Lets just say I will be sharing a picture with all of you next week smile
Day 2 will be aired next Tuesday
September 8th
NBC Sports Network
12:00PM EST

God Bless




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