I got out yesterday evening with a gentleman and his 2 young sons for some late evening and after dark fishing. The evening topwater bite was a little slow but still was able to get a few fish to cooperate on a Zell-Pop around some shallow grass. When it got dark the weather became very nice and comfortable with a nice cool breeze coming out of the north, just enought to keep the Gnats and Misquitos from pestering us. We made a couple of stops along some deep grass lines and with only a few stikes so we decided to move to an area that had a narrow deep grass line and noticed that there was some good current going through this area. Right off the fish were "slamming" our Choo Choo Lures spinnerbaits. We caught some very good quality fish and lost several more, and even had one get extremely upset and decided to go the other direction and take my spinnerbait with him. If you look close in the nighttime pic in the lower right hand corner you can see just how excited one young man was when his Dad caught a "nice-un", hillarious! Get out and have fun. Mike Carter [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]