Say what you want about a Bull Shad Swimbait, they may be big, bulky, heavy, and a little expensive but "Dang" they can catch a fish! Spending that little bit of extra money can be well worth it when you get to experience the "explosions" this bait can produce. With the weather being as hot as it is right now this bait can not only get these kind of strikes early morning and late evening, but in the middle of the day when the sweat is pouring off your face get ready to to see the water open up and a "HAWG" engulf the swimbait. This time of year a majority of the better fishing will be in deeper areas but there are always some "big uns" cruising the grass lines even in the heat of the day. I got out with my wife for a couple of hours today around noon and got to watch her get all excited when a 5 lbr. got her jig and after a few minutes of fighting the fish it ended up coming off at the boat. Not an exciting moment for her. This was the first time she got to fish this year because of having Eye surgery a few months ago and it was just nice to get the opportunity to get her back on the water again. We then decided to leave a little early because of it being too hot for her to stand and go back this evening for some topwater action. We were able to get a few on Zell-Pops around some shallow grass which made it fun for her just to see these fish hit, but the best part was a couple of "explosions" on the Bull Shad that made the evening. This is a fun bait to use and the experience with it is well worth it. Get out and have fun. Mike Carter [Linked Image]