I have no pictures from today but felt a report on this trip would be a good idea. I will have to say that it's a first for me from guiding full time for 10 yrs. now that I had 3 clients in the boat and all were named "Mike", so it was just one of those days that I had "No" propblem remembering everyone's name, or them remembering mine. We, or they started out with some extremely fun topwater action with Zell-Pops and these guys had a blast. They were able to have several doubles and even a triple at one time. There were not any of what I would consider to be "picture fish", but a heck of a lot of fun with fish from 1-3 lbs. We turned it into a short trip because of the absolute downpour that was moving in, but was glad to have Mike, Mike, and Mike along for an exciting morning. Get out and have fun, "Mike" Carter