12 boats/20 anglers tackled the first really summer-like day of the year. Pretty much light winds with lots and lots of sunshine and temps that felt like the low 90s (not sure how hot it actually got?).

Caleb Rodgers showed us how it's done on Weiss (13.78lbs) and also helped his back seater, Wally bring in a nice limit also (9.31lbs)!

Kevin Nesbit, Ken Heinrich's guest looked pretty impressive as well with 10.61lbs.

Rounding out the top four was Stan Knowles with 4 fish for 8.75lbs and Big Bass with a 4.65lbs LMB.

Summer time is here and fish mortality becomes more and more a factor. We had several dead fish weighed today so please take a look at your system and make sure it is functioning properly. If you need a hand testing it and seeing how well it works, give me a holler and I will make some time to help you look it over. I think that maybe we can talk about this at next month's meeting. There are several tricks that help a bass that was deep hooked or whose gills may be damaged. I sure like seeing them swim away instead of floating at the boat ramp.

Reminder, Next MONTH is Neely Henry and we plan to launch at the Gadsen City Ramp. I will call this week and make sure there are no conflicts. If there are I will email you guys with some alternate ramp choices.

Now here are a couple pics from today
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

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