The next ABA Division 125 Tournament will be April 11, 2015 launching from Gatewood Ramp on Lake Allatoona. Registration will begin at 5:00 AM. The mandatory safety meeting will be at 6:15 AM sharp! Tournament launch will take place immediately after the safety meeting, in ramp registration/show order, at safe light. Weigh-in for this tournament will be at 3:00 PM. This is the LAST ABA Division 125 One-Day Tournament for the 2015 season. The Division 125 Two-Day Championship will be May 2 & 3, 2015 launching from Gatewood Ramp on Lake Allatoona. For additional information, please visit or feel free to call me at (404)641-6345.

Congratulations to our top place anglers in the March 21 Tournament:

1. Ernest Parr, 10.45 lbs.
2. Nick Parr, 9.27 lbs.
3. Matthew James, 7.03 lbs.
4. Kristopher Brown, 5.15 lbs.
5. Keith Ridenhour, 3.94 lbs.

The forecast is shaping up to be outstanding on Saturday so I hope to see you there!

Matt West
Director, AFT Division 125 Georgia North