"Ahhhhh!" It was a nice relaxing trip today, mainly because it was an opportunity to fish Lake Weiss. This is a fantastic lake to fish and it just doesn't get the kind of pressure that the "Big-G" gets, especially this time of year. I had a gentleman today that wanted to learn a few of the deeper ledges that this lake has and how some of them work this time of year and also in the summer months. We could tell right off that the fish on this lake have moved up shallow because of the lack of activity in these areas, but we stayed with the ledges all day regardless of the bite. We were able to boat a few and missed one huge fish that follwed the jig to the boat before it decided to go the other way and just gave us a glimpse of how big it was. The fish we did get came on 1/2-3/4 oz. jigs by Choo Choo Lures, in Kudzu, and Oh Baby colors. Get out and have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]