Let's talk about cold, and I do mean "COLD". Today was just that and then some, but once again the fish didn't mind. I had a trip yesterday that turned out to be very productive with all of our fish coming from shallower areas around stumps, lilly pad stems, and primrose grass. When you have the 70 degree weather we had yesterday, it made this shallow pattern wide open and fun. We mostly used shakers and swim jigs from Choo Choo Lures. Today..."Dang", it was just miserable cold, especially after experiencing the nice weather from yesterday. I had a couple that wanted to go out for a couple of hours to see if they could just get a fish to hit, and hit they did. We didn't get but just a few bites but they were some good quality bites, and they had one very big fish to come off at the boat, but at least he got to have some fun with it for a few minutes. The pattern today went back to the deeper grass lines in the 8-10 ft. of water range. The fish they got to hit came on 3/4 oz. Rat-L-Traps and was working them as slow as possible. Get out and have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]