This is a report for the last 2 days. Yesterday I got out with a gentleman for an afternoon trip and stayed shallow all afternoon and had some great success swimming jigs in 2-3 ft. of water. We didn't have the opportunity to get a big fish but we did have a blast catching some good quality 2-3 lb. fish, and that made the decision to stay shallow well worth it. Today I got out with another gentleman and we fished around some of the deeper grass lines and had some very good success on some bigger quality fish. The first one of the morning slammed the 1 oz. rattle bait and decided it had some where else better to go than in our boat, so it turned and went the other way and took the big bait with it, not a good sign for starting the morning. Later when the fog moved in we were on another grass line when my client had another slam the big 1 oz. bait and this one made it to the boat for a nice picture. The fish are in the areas that we have waited for now, shallow areas with structure and stumps, and also a good number still in the deeper grass areas. This will give you a lot more options to cover and add a lot of fun for a trip of some good fishing. Get out and enjoy the fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]