Well, after having a great week last week in the "disastrous cold, windy, and snowy weather we finally got some nice weather to fish in on Saturday. The problem was the fish forgot to look up and see how nice it was compared to the past few days and decided to lock up and not cooperate, at least that's what the fish I had found were saying. I guess the "Local Jynx" reputation was in full force, and not just for me but a lot of the locals struggled in this tournament. I had found some good fish up shallow and stayed with it most of the day hoping the Sunshine would turn them on, but after several hours of just one 4lb. fish we decided to look else where with the same lack of results. I got out yesterday with 2 half day trips, and with the first one starting out slow with the fish still looking at the thousand plus boats running around from the day before were still a little spooked at first, but after a little while of fishing we finally got a few fish to hit and show us a good time. The afternoon trip turned out to be great, and since the two gentlemen had already fished all day Saturday and Sunday morning without a "strike", I showed up and was able to put them on a few fish to make their trip to the "Big-G" worth while and also helped their trip back home to be not so long and boring. The fish yesterday were very slow but at least they did cooperate with us and show all of us a great time. The main pattern was to stay in the 8-10 ft. of water along the deeper grass lines with 3/4-1 oz. Rat-L-Traps fished extremely slow. This is going to be a consistent pattern through this month and early April, it's just finding the right grass line where the fish are the most aggressive. Get out and have fun, Mike Carter. [Linked Image]
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