I just love it when I get the opportunity to say "DANG"! When you think things get slow and you know that fish are in certain areas and you just keep putting the bait in front of their nose, before you know it your string gets stretched, and I do mean "stretched". I had a half day trip early and covered a lot of water looking at different patterns and was able to get just a few quality fish to cooperate. Then after my afternoon trip canceled because of the approaching weather I got out by myself and like I say "Dang", the big fish were turned on. Maybe it was like the rest of us hurrying up and getting things done before the bad weather came in, the big "Mamas" decided to feed before the bad weather came in. If this is any sign of things to come, the ABT Tournament this coming Saturday should produce some big bags of fish. So after a brief exciting time of getting into these fish the whiteout started and like the rest of us I decided to hurry up and get my tail home while the roads were still passable. It's here so get out and enjoy it. Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]