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Features include:

* hand crafted with a Mustad heavy 2X wire flipping hook, Ultra-point, round bend, black nickel (5/0 in the ½ and 3/8 oz. size and 4/0 in the ¼ oz. size).

* Your choice of either with or without weed guard.

*Heads are powder painted and baked for durability.

*Blade: painted, hologram decals or plain.

*100% silicone skirt .. 50 count with silicone skirt bands (new).

*Custom option on these is "wire tied". If you want this feature drop me a note and I will put your choice in the store to purchase.
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Lake tested and it has better vibration than my previous model. Try a steady retrieve and speed it up for a distance and the bait goes into a “Hunting Action” very similar to the old Wiggle Warts.

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