On Jan 6, 2015 the lake reached 1079' MSL, approx. 6' over summer pool. By Saturday Jan 10, 2015, they pulled the lake down to 1071.5' MSL, a drop of 7.5'. Water clarity in lower part of the lake (Dam area) was about 6-7' visibility, a week before the visibility was better than 12'. There were several of the creeks that had a heavy stain, but not quite rolling red muddy. Water temps on Dec 31 were around 52-53 degrees, Water temps on Saturday were in the 49-50 degree range. Float and Fly were producing the highest number of fish on our Saturday weigh-in (Cast-A-Way NWGA Bass Club), but it was the Fish-Head Spin and swimming trailer that won the event, producing a 5 fish limit for 10.69lbs. There were reports of several fish being caught on shakey head and drop shot also. The numbers were lower on Saturday, but that may have been due to the hard pull on the lake and the building high pressure from the overnight frontal passage. The air temps didn't help either! We had an 8:30 to 4:30 tournament schedule due to the cold weather, and it was still almost 17 degrees at the start of our tournament. I think now that the lake has returned to normal level and there are no torrential downpours in the forecast, fishing will improve! I love this little lake and plan on going back up there over the next few weeks as fishing will become more predictable with the colder water. up

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