It was c-c-cccold! Especially this morning! It took about an hour before I could even steer my boat, Wally I used a little hot coffee and some motor wrestling to get it worked loose. My livewell pumps were frozen so I filled my livewells using my weigh-in bag (remember this one it can save your day in the winter). Rods icing up till about 11 this morning. Other than that it was a great day to be on the water! We had 13 members and 1 guest out there today and 13 folks weighed fish, but only one limit was weighed in. Water temps were 49-50 every place we went (Dam to the upper end of the river). There were 33 fish weighing a total of 62.26lbs, a 1.99lb per fish average. Air temp at the start of the tournament was 17 degrees and ended up about 36 degrees at 4:30 this afternoon. Congratulations to Eric Fisher on a great start for the year with a win. Eric had 10.69lbs with 5 fish. Second place went to Caleb Rodgers, one our of new members, with 4 fish for 8.16lbs, Caleb also got Big Bass honors with a 3.46lb spotted bass. The final money spot went to Robbie Holmes with 4 fish for 7.86lbs. It was great seeing everyone today and I am glad we got everyone back without "frostbite"!

Next month will be on Jackson. We failed to follow one of newest rules and select the launch location for that event, so we will probably go out of the only place I know about, and that would be what I believe is called Berry's Landing or something like that. I will make sure everyone knows what I'm talking about by tournament time! Until next month, take care and be safe.

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