High Blue Bird Skies, a cold NE Wind with temps in 50s is what we dealt with on the first event of the 2014/2015 season. Water temps in the McCaskey Creek area ranged from 65-66 for the most part, I am sure that there was colder water in the other areas around the lake. Water clarity was about 3-4' for the most part with current and wind-blown mudlines in select areas.
The season opener had 26 paid entries (27 boats included mine), a total of 49 anglers, weighing in 56 bass for a total of 69.33lbs (an avg of 1.24lbs per fish). There were 8 LMB bass weighed and big bass was a 3.11lb spot. 6 places, Big Bass pot and a side pot were paid yesterday evening and here is how it went down:
6th place went to Keith and George with 3 fish for 3.73lbs for $20
5th place went to Chris M. with 2 fish for 3.74lbs for $39
4th place went to Stan and Lonnie with 3 fish for 3.97lbs for $66
3rd went to Big O and partner with 3 fish for 5.50lbs for $78
2nd place went to Jonathan and Tony with 3 fish for 5.86lbs for 90 and they had a Big Bass with a spotted bass weighing 3.11lbs for $130
AND THE #1 MONEY WINNER was none other than Skillet(Brandon) and Mama (Tracey) with 3 fish for 6.83lbs for $97 and the side pot of $170

It Sure was nice seeing all those familiar faces and few new ones yesterday. This is going to be a fun season!

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