I don't reckon it really means anything except for killing time on Sunday afternoon.. But since we started keeping data for Jim Hakala in Sep 2013 we amassed some pretty interesting numbers.
For instance, in all the Porko events we've had since then (39 in all) there were:
1840 fish weighed
1370 people competed in those tournaments
2880.49lbs is the total weight of those fish
205 of those fish were LMB
13 of those LMB won Big Bass honors with a 6.73lb fish being the biggest
1.66lbs per fish was the overall average for all of the fish weighed in.

There are a lot of folks who call Allatoona the "Dead Sea". I think these stats tell a different story. If all of the folks who ran tournaments this year would compile their data, it would probably be mind boggling to see what it would look like with all our data together!

Anyway, I going to go steam clean some carpets, just thought I would share my "boredom data" with you.

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