Today I got out with a gentleman that wanted to find a few fish just to have some fun with since the past couple of weeks has been extreme tough. Today was no different, it was once again tough. We did however get some nice fish early swimming jigs from Choo Choo Lures, and most of the fish we had on decided not to come to the boat and went the other direction. My client had a couple of these fish that we at least got to see put on a show before coming off and that made for a fun few minutes. We tried to find a few fish with a frog but wasn't able to find any that were aggressive enough to blow up on them. The jig pattern is staying consistent right now with the transition these fish are going through, but the next few weeks should be great for fishing with a Snag Proof Frog with the cooler temps we have now. Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]