I got out friday for an all day trip on The Big-G, and also another one during the night. The daytime fishing was very productive with a lot of fish being caught on swimjigs from Choo Choo Lures along shallow grass lines. When the sun got overhead and the sweat started to roll we then went to using Snag Proof Frogs in some of the thicker matted areas. We made short time of this because of not wanting to pressure the fish that were in this area, we just wanted to see a few blow up, and they did ! I got started on my night trip at 6 pm. and went to an area to try using some topwater with spooks. We were able to get a few fish to hit the spooks before dark but just could not connect. When it got dark my client made his first cast with a Choo Choo Lures spinnerbait while I was getting his Dad's rod ready and I heard him say " I got one", and along with the first cast the fish decided it had somewhere better to go than in our boat, so it broke him off. After the dis-heartening episode we continued down the deep grass line and was able to connect with some good quality fish during the night, especially like the double in the pic, (Notice the Spotted Bass). The night fishing is getting ready to pick up again with the cooler nights approaching, and these fish can very aggressive at night during this time of year. Fishing with Snag Proof Frogs in matted grass will only get better with these cooler nights also, and this can produce some heart pumping action. Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]