The fishing on the "Big-G" the past few days has been up and down with trying Snag Proof Frogs. The weather has really come to play in how the Frog bite has produced and with all of the rain and thunderstorms it made it tough. When we were able to get some fish to hit they were some really big fish, but the main problem became trying to get them to stay hooked and not lose them. The best pattern was to find scattered hydrilla patches and use the Snag Proof Buzz-Frog, and this bait can produce some extreme blow-ups!!! We fished the Snag Proof Tournament on Saturday and only had 6 strikes in which 5 of those strikes were really big fish, and we were only able to land 1 of those fish that got 3rd big fish with 6.87 lbs. My partner lost a fish that was at least in the 8 lb. range, but once againg that goes back to not being able to keep the fish on. When I found these fish on Thursday we had no problem getting the fish to engulf the Buzz-Frog, but I guess the storms made the fish a little sluggish on taking it. If you havn't tried Snag Proof's new Buzz-Frog, I really suggest giving it a try. This bait can produce some massive Blow-ups that will really get you heart pumping. Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]