Hi I seen your post in the catfish forum. And wanted to see if you might be interested in a better bait the CJ’s. I make and sell my catfish bait,it is an awesome cheese based dough bait, with a few extra things to make it stand out. if you are looking for something that really catch fish my Chemdag dough bait is very good, it is 13$ with free express shipping jut so people can try it. I promos you will be inpressed, if you like like CJ’s you will love mine.

The reasone I started making my own bait is after trying so many store bought baits and all the ones one hear,none of the held up the the talk. I am 100% disabled Vet making and selling this bait more about keeping my mind busy and not some much making a profit. during my Deployments to Iraq I was wounded 2 times and Struck by 7 IED rattling my brain so bad I had to relearn a lot of stuff. In clouding writing henc the poor gramer and spelling. This by far the best Dough bait you can fined. It is firmer the Stubbys more potent, this stays on the hook very very well, ther is no need for need hooks with springs or sponges. My baait is much better then CJ's I a review posted under my thread were i gave some to the guy to try it, it out fished all his other baits it on include CJ’s. he put 36 keeper in the boat in 2 hours. I have used CJ and it was ok but this has out fish it every time i hope you take me up on my offer you won't be disappointed in the results lewis