Dang!!! The fishing on the "Big-G" is just not letting up right now. The rainy and windy weather have got the fish turned on in some of the deeper grass lines. I had another 1/2 day trip today with a couple of brothers wanting to find a few fish for an upcoming tournament. Like yesterday after making a couple of passes through an area without much success we went to look around a few more areas for some ledge fishing when they come back. Then we went back to a similar area from where we had started the morning and with the same pattern the fish were doing what they were supposed to do, "Hammer" a big swimbait!! It was one of those days like yesterday that you would just like to be there all day to enjoy the "big fish" action. Don't forget to look into the Snagproof Frog Bass Tournament coming August 9th. Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]