Today I got out with a couple of Gentlemen from Tennessee to show them some deep water fishing patterns. The bite was slow, but that goes along with looking for fish in deeper areas. We mainly fished areas with deep Hydrilla that was close to even deeper water. The fish that we were able to catch were some very good quality, and that made the day of a lot of running and trying different areas worth while. We were able to catch fish on 1/2-3/4 oz. jigs from Choo Choo Lures, and also Strike King's 6XD in chartruese perch and citrus shad. Want to escape the heat and heavy boat traffic? Fishing at night can be a very relaxing and productive way for some big Largemouth and big Spotted Bass, especially when they try and take the rod out of your hand when they "HAMMER" a big spinnerbait. Nutin like it!! Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]
[Linked Image]