I got out yesterday with my son for some Fathers Day Bass Fishing on the Big-G. The Fathers Day present was very nice and very exciting, especially when we both hooked into a big Bass at the same time. We were using 1/2 oz. Swimbaits on deep river ledges when I looked at my son and rod was bowed over hard, and at the same time I had a fish absolutely "hammer" my swimbait also, and the look on my son's face was "priceless". We then decided after a couple of pictures of a 5 n 7 lb. fish to go and catch a few on topwater using Zell-Pops in some shallow grass. This was a little slower than I had hoped, I guess the extreme boat traffic in that area had most of the better fish spooked, but we were still able to catch a few before dark. When it did get dark we moved to some deeper grass for some night time spinnerbait action, and action is what we got, or should I say my son got !! The first area we stopped at my son hooked into another big fish over 6 lb., and after dark having a big fish fight and try to shake the spinnerbait out can be heart pumping exciting, especially for Dad. It was a great Fathers Day for me to get to see my son catch some great fish. Have fun, Mike Carter[Linked Image][Linked Image]