It was great to finally get back to some normal fishing on a lake that can actually produce some good fish on a consistent basis. I was able to spend a few days on Wheeler Lake last week for some very tough fishing, at least it was tough for my partner and I. It was very hard to put together anything that would be considered consistent, but at least we were able to catch a small limit in our tournament on Saturday. Today I got out with a couple of clients from Virginia for a half day trip to show them a few patterns to help them along with their stay here for the next few days. The first stop we made showed them what this lake can produce, even during the summer months. These guys were able to catch their fish on 10" worms, 1/2 oz. Choo Choo Lures Jigs, and 3/8 oz. swimbaits on river ledges. I then started taking them to other areas of the lake to show them some more spots that match the first area in depth and also amount of grass. The fish are starting to school up and chasing shad on the surface, so when out on the lake have a Pop-R or a Spook handy when you see them starting to bust the surface. I don't think that these guys will be dissapointed in their stay here, especially when they get into some more Lake Guntersville "HAWGS". Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]