The bite today was great and the ledge fishing was on. I had a couple of clients from Ga. and We started out early with fishing some shallow areas with topwater using spooks in 3-5 ft. of water with milfoil growing about a foot off of the bottom, and after a few small to quality fish decided to move out to some deeper ledges to see if the bite would be any better. These guys were not dissapointed, especially when these fish would "Hammer" their crankbait. We used strike kings 6XD in sexy shad and citrus shad along ledges in 10-15 ft. of water. This was only a half day trip and the fish were still aggressive at the end of their trip, so I decided to let them enjoy it a little while longer while the fish were turned on. The water is still a little stained and has made it back down to normal level, and the action is great right now. Have fun, Mike Carter [Linked Image]