I got out today with a gentleman from Huntsville to learn some areas on the north end of the lake. The primrose grass has really started to take off now that the temps have finally started to warm up. We started out fishing a lot of the primrose areas and even with the north wind and cooler early morning temps we were still able to catch some nice quality fish. The main lure to catch these fish was swimming a shad color jig with a 5" swimbait as a trailor. This jig from Choo Choo Lures will come through primrose grass with ease and without fouling up, and when you put this jig into some of the thicker areas of primrose patches the fish will take it aggressively, and to me more so than using a ribbit or horny toad, especially when you have blue-bird skies. We didn't really catch any big fish today but we had a lot of quality 2 and 3 lbrs., which was impressive to me since we mainly stayed with fishing shallow primrose all day and this pattern can sometimes struggle with the kind of front that we had today. The best areas of primrose that produced the most action had an average of 3-4 ft. of water around it, and most of our strikes came from the thicker areas of these patches. Tomorrow we are off to try and get a mess of Crappie, a good break from Bass fishing with heavy equipment. Have fun, Mike

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