So I've got a fishmaster 1232 made by smoker craft. Rated for a 6hp motor. I've got a 4.5 evinrude right now and moves it pretty good. 10-12mph. Was considering going a little larger. While it's rated for a 6hp motor I figure this rating is largely in reference to the transoms ability to hold the shaking and stress of being trailered with the motor mounted. I was considering a 9.5 hp Johnson but I haul my boat on a small tilt trailer so I always take the motor off and lay it in the boat when trailering it. My trolling motor and battery are in the bow of the boat so this should off-set the little bit of extra weight while in the water.

So my question is as long as I remove the motor while trailering it would the transom support the little bit of extra motor while in the water???