The first July 2020 event is in sight now. We'll see you guys Saturday Night!
The tournament from 8 PM (instead of 7 PM) till 3 AM (instead of 2 AM). I will be there around 6:30 PM, it is our hope that you will arrive 6:30 or later to allow the parking lot to clear out a little bit and not add to the chaos that was there already!
Please monitor us here and on the Facebook page for Allatoona Tournament group.

The fees are $50 ($10 to Big Bass and $40 to a 1-5 payback, more than 25 entries will pay 6 places no matter what) and an optional $10 Side Pot, heaviest sack wins all.

5 fish limit, 12" minimum, one dead fish allowed, Big Bass must be alive. I will be watching fish mortality this summer, if we start seeing a lot of dead fish we will reduce the limit to 3 fish instead of 5.

No live bait

All tournaments are held out of Bartow County Gatewood Park: Exit GA-20 exit on I-75 and turn east, Turn south at the light (right from I-75, left from Canton) next to Wendy's onto Spur 20. Go about 2 miles and turn left on Jim Knight Rd., Turn left when it dead ends at the Bartow Beach Rd. (right in front of the COE maintenance yard). Stay on the Beach road and stay to the left past the park Manager's house and follow the signs to the left to the boat ramp. Please remember the launch fee is a Bartow County fee and not a CoE launch fee, there is a booth at the park entrance now with an attendant, you pay for the day or buy an annual pass.

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