The weather yesterday evening actually turned out to be pretty decent. the pleasure boater crowd was down a little, this is Allatoona and there will always be some wave makers out there until dark! I am always humbled at these weigh-ins. We found fishing to be a grind last night and apparently 14 other entries struggled as well (some were regulars in money winning). Then you start weighing fish and it becomes apparent very quickly that there were some good fish to be had by other people (22 other entries did very well). In fact, we had two stringers over 13lbs last night, and both of those entries had very nice largemouth bass anchoring the stringer (1st place team had a 5.53 lb, and the second place team had Big Bass with a 5.54lb bass!). My hat is off to you guys who go out there and consistently weigh quality fish on this lake!
Here's the money place results:
6th place went to Terry and FatRat with 5 fish for 9.20lbs and $72
5th place was Daniel and Trent with 5 fish for 9.33lbs and $144
4th place was Josh Abernathy with 5 fish for 9.65lbs and $245
3rd place went to Timmy and Tiff Bagley with 5 fish for 10.65lbs and $288
2nd place went to Bill P. and Chad W. with 5 fish for 13.15lbs for $331 and Big Bass with a 5.54lb toad for $360
1st place went to a couple of my favorite A-FISH-anados, Rick and Danny with 5 fish for 13.88lbs for $360 (they were leading Big Bass until Bill and Chad weighed in with a 5.53lbs fish!). These two fine fellers also got the side pot for $370!!
I tip my hat to the winners and all of the other people that weighed some decent summertime Toona bass last night!
I want to also thank you guys again for a safe and organized blast off!! let's keep it up and we will show the other lake folks just how good we are when it comes to running a safe blast off!

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