Finally! Sunshine and lots of it all afternoon, didn't cloud up and sprinkle until we were nearly through with the weigh in!! It was a little windy, air temps 68 degrees (nice!!). The main lake was pretty muddy, but it was clearing in the back of the creeks. We even found 58 degree water!!
There were 20 paid entries with 38 anglers, together we brought 38 fish to the scales for a total of 60.27lbs (avg 1.59lbs per fish). of that we had 5 largemouth brought to the scales. Here's the money spots!!
Big Bass was Rick and Mike with a spot for 3.22lbs (not the Gassaway clan!)for $100
4th place went to Joe and Charlie Mac with 3 fish for 5.20lbs and $30
3rd place was Ronald and Shaun with 3 fish for 5.26lbs and $60
2nd place was Albert and Darren with 3 fish for 5.41lbs and $90
1st place went to a visitor from North Carolina with a total of four days on Toona! Matthew Jefferies. He had 3 fish for 7.36lbs and $120 and the side pot of $210 Congrats!!!

We will be back out there again next Sunday so come on out and join us, hopefully we will see the lake settling down a bit!! It's about time for some of the big girls to start showing up!!

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