Got a lot of calls this past weekend and a few days leading up to the weekend asking if I was having a tournament. I had to tell everyone no, but that is not the case this weekend! The answer is YES, we will be having a Midnight Madness tournament this Saturday so come on out!!

Here's how you get there:
North, exit 290, go east on GA-20 about 300’ and turn right on SPUR 20 by the Wendy’s fast food restaurant, Go about 2 ˝ miles to Jim Knight Rd on the left. Follow Jim Knight until it dead ends at the Bartow County Beach Rd. (right in front of the COE equipment yard and shop entrance). Turn left and follow the road to the park, bear left in front of the Park Managers residence, then left again at the split in the road. You will see the restrooms and the parking lot. I am almost always parked at the top of the hill adjacent to the non-boater parking area in front of the restrooms. Easy enough to find me because we usually have a crowd of folks gathered around swapping stories and having a good time

Bob Smith, a.k.a. "Porko" (vintage Strike King Variety)

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