It looks like we just can't get away from the high water and strong current this year. Lake Guntersville has had several occasions this year that the amount of rain has given this lake some high water and some tough fishing conditions due to these situations. I guess we just got to roll with it and just keep on "wetting a line"! The "Little Big Guy" that I had the opportunity to take out for a morning of fishing didn't let the high water effect his success on the Big "G"! I had them starting out with a Bull Shad early but the strong current and floating Eel grass made this pattern a little tough with only a few smaller fish to cooperate. Later in the morning the young man got to experience some serious Producer Swimbait action and had an absolute "BLAST" with how hard the fish hit this bait. He also got to see another Big G Giant that "slammed" his swimbait, and then proceeded to get airborn and throw the bait right back at him! At least he(we) got to see it, and it was a "good'un", WOW! This Father and Son had a great time despite the conditions and I think the early morning Bull Shad action and the Producer Swimbait action later in the morning will have them coming back for a second round!!! Have some fun! Mike Carter

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