Had some great action today on Big G with a couple of consistent patterns. We started out with Choo Choo Shakers and was able to catch several quality fish in 2-4 ft. of grass. We then movede out to some deeper 8-10 ft. of grass with Producer Swimbaits and got into a few more solid fish. The highlight of the day was pulling up on one small patch of grass and we doubled up on a couple of quality fish on a Shaker. This gentleman is now a true believer in what a Choo Choo Shaker can do compared to another brand the he started out with. Not mentioning the name of the chatterbait that he was using, but for $16 you would think it would have some tremendous vibration and at the least be able to fish around Primrose and Lily Pad stems and not get hung up, "constantly"! I don't ever make a post about any other lure brands that I don't use, but when I seen this one today and the price he paid for it, I thought I might just put my 2 cents in on this one. The vibration of his $16 chatterbait compared to a Shaker, well to me, and now him, and several others over the past few years that I've introduced to a Shaker, THERE'S NO COMPARISON! Please don't take my word for it, but like the gentleman from today that had heard about Choo Choo Shakers but instead decided to try a $16 version instead because it's suppose to be "the best", try it out and check for yourself the difference in the vibration, the performance, and the QUALITY of a Shaker. I don't think, well I know you "WILL NOT" be dissapointed. I've seen several clients over the years that like their brand of chatterbaits and I don't voice my opinion until they see the results from the performance of a Shaker, and then at that time they start digging in my box looking for one for themselves. A $16 chatterbait that you can't use around thick grass, around lily pad stems, and around logs and laydowns? I know..."It's the NAME"! Get out and have some fun! Mike Carter