Today I had a gentleman that wanted to cover a lot of areas for his upcoming tournament and put together a few patterns that may put some fish in the boat for him. We started looking for some areas that had the least amount of Splash Tournament boats and finally was able to pull into an area and got a few solid fish on Choo Choo Shakers and Swimjigs around some shallow grass. We then moved out to some deeper 4-6 ft. grass areas and was lucky enough to not have any boats around us and quickly the "game was on"! Within a few casts with my Shaker my 20 lb. Vicious Elite Fluorocarbon line just went slack and the party started with an "extreme" bow in my Extra Heavy Action Hammer Rod. She was a 10 lb.

"Big G Beauty"! A few pics and we let her get back to her business. It was great for my client and I to get into some quality fish today even with all of the boat traffic on the lake. The fish have really made their move and now that some of the pressure will calm down there should be some great aggressive action in store for Lake Guntersville. Get out and have some fun!!! Mike Carter