The last several days have consisted of some "fantastic" Bass fishing on Lake Guntersville. The fish were a little slow Thursday and Friday, but when things got a little warmer on Saturday the fish warmed up also and got a lot more aggressive. "BUT" the aggressiveness of these fish really showed today. I had a great friend/client come over to enjoy some of the action, but it seemed today most of the action was from the back of the boat!! I let my friend run the front of the boat with expectations of him being able to get the better bite, and though he was getting the bites some of the better fish wanted to linger around close to the back of the boat. We caught our fish on Choo Choo Lures Shakers and Swimjigs around shallow grass. We also fished some deeper areas that I've waited to get right after all of the flooded conditions, and like I had hoped, "IT WAS RIGHT"! We then went to using Producer Swimbaits and heavier Shakers and got back into some more solid quality fish. There's one true "monster" still swimming around with one of my Producer Swimbaits in it's mouth, so if you see her tell her I said thanks for the short time of fun...and I want my swimbait back!!! Things seem to finally be back to normal and "HOPEFULLY" they will stay this way for a while. Have some fun!!! Mike Carter