The last several days has been a kind of "around the world" with fishing. I've had trips to Logan Martin, then to Guntersville, then to Chickamauga, then back to Chickamauga again, and they have all been an absloute "blast"! We have had some great success with several different patterns from topwater, Echo crankbaits, Choo Choo Shakers, Swimjigs, and Bull Wakes. Logan Martin on Wednesday started with some great topwater action, and then as the sun got up we went to using Echo crankbaits along rocky banks and points. These guys found out just how well Echo crankbaits can produce some great action. Guntersville on Thursday started out with some shallow scattered grass areas with Bull Wakes and Buzz Frogs and that bite turned out to be slow so we went to getting some "explosions" on a Snag Proof Frog. After a couple of hrs with the frog we then went out to some deepeer grass lines with the Echo crankbait and was able to get some solid fish for the day. I then took a couple of gentlemen to Chickamauga Lake on Friday to show them a few areas that they might be able to put a few in the boat for their stay there, and with the consistent hard north winds and fighting white caps most of the day it made fishing a lot of these areas difficult. We still put a few in the boat on Bull Wakes, Choo Choo Rocker Jigs and Shakers, and carolina rigged worms. Today I had a gentleman that also wanted to learn a few areas and patterns to fish on Chickamauga and with the conditions being a little better we started out catching fish right off. We started with topwater along shallow grass areas and then moved out to some deeper grass with Choo Choo Shakers. After some great early morning action we went looking for some deeper fish and at the same time we got the opportunity to have some fun with some schooling fish. We had a fantastic time and was able to catch a lot of fish and several doubles. It was one of those times where you just "hate" to leave an area, but this guy was wanting to learn some more patterns on some different areas of the lake so we went find some similar spots to help with his success on the "Big Chick"! It's a great time of year and it's just getting started. Have some fun. Mike Carter